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Twenty percent of young people are overweight or obese, and among adults, the number is 50%. This significantly impacts the quality of life and leads to various health problems. What's even more concerning is that it has been shown to be closely linked to income level and education, with lower income and education levels contributing to a more substantial problem.

Recipe websites and food influencers offer a wealth of fantastic recipes, and with iboost, we can transform those recipes into personalized weekly meal recommendations. Consumers will streamline meal planning and complete their weekly grocery shopping in mere minutes, saving time, money, and enhancing their health. Our motto is, a Cooked Meal is a Good Deal. 

Iboost is implemented with a simple JavaScript. That’s all you have to do to enable iboost’s free of charge features on your site and start generating additional advertising revenue:

  • Shoppable weekly menus based on customers’ personal preferences. Grocery shops and food brands sponsor menus and iboost and site owner share the revenue. 
  • Recipe ads with valuable information for the user. Iboost’s AI matches ads to recipes and iboost and site owner share the revenue.
"I have managed for over 15 years, one of Sweden's largest recipe sites with 950,000+ users and 400.000 unique visitors every week. I am delighted to partner with iboost. This collaboration has brought enhanced value to our visitors and innovative monetization opportunities for our recipes. Iboost's approach is both inventive and results-driven, making our partnership truly exciting."
Kalle Byström
Business Area Manager, Kokaihop Media
"I run Sweden's largest food blog for vegan cuisine, guided by the principle "Det ska vara lätt att göra rätt" (Doing the right thing should be easy). Over the years I have been trying to find a solution to turn my recipes into shoppable weekly menus. While exploring various options and meeting with several companies, I couldn't find a solution that allowed consumers to shop online at any grocery store or to shop at physical stores if they preferred. Then, iboost reached out to me, and I immediately sensed that this was the solution I'd been searching for. I firmly believe that our partnership with iboost has already delivered significant value to my followers, and I'm excited about the great potential it holds for the future."
Gustav Johansson
Vegan entrepreneur & food blogger

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