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About Iboost Life

Overweight or obesity affects a significant portion of our population, with 20% of young people and a staggering 50% of adults affected. This not only reduces their quality of life but also gives rise to various health issues. What’s even more alarming is the strong connection between obesity and income level and education, where lower income and education levels exacerbate the problem.

Iboost is founded in Sweden and set to combat this problem by making it easier and cheaper to eat better. 

We believe that understanding what to eat shouldn’t require being a nutritionist or expert. Furthermore, we firmly believe that healthy eating habits is a fundamental human right, accessible to individuals across all levels of education and income.

Our vision is that every household will use “My iboost” as their personal co-pilot to do meal planning and weekly grocery shopping in less than a minute. Personal preferences, budget and health will decide what’s on the menu – with no effort for the consumer.

Our motto is: a Cooked Meal is a Good Deal!

We partner with recipe websites, food influencers, and grocery store owners to drive this important change.