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For grocery shop owners

Iboost offers grocery shop owners new ways of marketing their shop and drive sales & customer loyalty. Customers who use iboost to plan weekly grocery shopping tend to generate an average receipt that is twice as high as that of regular customers.

Our offer

Iboost solutions for store owners:

Geo targeted Recipe ads

Geo targeted Recipe ads to become consumers’ top of mind choice

Sponsored weekly menus

Geo targeted Sponsored weekly menus to drive sales, margin and loyalty

Local partnerships

Local partnerships with sport clubs and schools to help families eat better while increasing sales

Package 1

Geo targeted Recipe ads

Capture consumers’ attention precisely when they’re deciding what to eat and plan their purchase. 

We have access to many millions of recipe views at different recipe sites and food influencers enabling great geo targeting and measurable impact on consumers’ shop preferences.

The ad format includes valuable information and consumers read recipes carefully and appreciate the information which makes this ad format a win-win. Recipe ads are combined with a targeted survey to measure the impact on shop preferences.

Package 2

Geo targeted sponsored weekly menus

Help consumers eat better while becoming the top-of-mind store and increase sales. 

Iboost collaborates with recipe websites and food influencers to help consumers purchase personalized weekly menus. Our AI seamlessly pairs menus with store products and promotions, offering a distinct advantage that positions your store as the top choice, driving both sales and margins. Sponsored weekly menus have an exceptionally high Click-Through Rate (CTR) from the presentation of sponsored weekly menus to online or in-store purchases.

Package 3

Local partnerships – A Cooked Meal is a Good Deal

Twenty percent of young people are overweight or obese, and among adults, the number is 50%. This significantly impacts the quality of life and leads to various health problems. What’s even more concerning is that it has been shown to be closely linked to income level and education, with lower income and education levels contributing to a more substantial problem.

Iboost believes that grocery store owners can play a significant role in fighting this issue and reversing the negative trend. We have developed a tailored solution to facilitate local partnerships between grocery store owners, sports clubs, and schools. Families will do all weekly grocery shopping from your store, and the local club will receive funding based on the number of purchases and finally, the families will eat better, save time and enjoy better health.

What’s in it for the store owner?

  • Become the no 1 choice for the local community
  • Increase sales and margin
  • Build your own customer data

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